Blake’s Honey Quilt

honey_quiltI made this quilt for my sister-in-law’s first son, Blake Preston. She loves Winnie the Pooh and decorated the nursery in a Classic Pooh theme. Originally, I was going to make the quilt around a Pooh cross-stitch pattern, which I made prior to the quilt. Once I found the quilt design I loved, the cross-stitch didn’t look good. So I scratched that idea and saved the cross-stitch for another project.

Ken suggested adding some embroidery. That sent me off to find just the right thing! The color is, of course, all Pooh and the design reminded me of honey so I started playing with honey bees.

Quilting was the next challenge. I loved that I didn’t need to worry about lining up seams for this quilt top, but I discovered that caused problems when quilting. I didn’t want an overall pattern or stippling. Stitching in the ditch was an option, but I took it a step further — I top-stitched each wavy line with YLI Jeans Stitch. That left me with a lot of hand work (tying off each end) but it was worth the effort.

My inspiration for this quilt came from Kathy Mack’s Brie’s Baby Quilt of Pink Chalk Studio, using her Wavy Seams tutorial.

Here’s the cross-stitch, which I gave to Blake on his first birthday.BirthAnnounce


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