Doggie Diapers

Hi Maria!

Rudy, our oldest dog, is currently incontinent.  He’s been treated for a bladder infection and test results are showing little else but he also appears to have some ageing/incontinent issues as well.  Meanwhile, he’s been wearing his ‘belly band’, which I have to frequently wash as the Kotex pad I attach to the fabric isn’t enough when he sleeps at night.

I need additional diapers so I always have a dry one when it leaks through and am hoping I can hire you to sew 2-3 of them for me?  Attached are photos of the one that works really well for his size.  I have another one that’s too narrow and his ‘pinky’ pokes out from time to time and defeats the purpose. LOL

Any scrap fabric, color, design is fine – I just need washable cotton and then the velcro strips as fasteners.  I can bring by the diaper as a pattern so you can get measurements.



Maria, these diapers are wonderful!  They are a looser fit, without being ‘slackers,’ and because the fabric is soft and thinner, Rudy is much more comfortable.  Right now, he’s curled into a ball sleeping, which he couldn’t do with the store-bought diapers I had for him.  The heavy fabric of the other two I bought meant it took a long time to dry when washed.  I washed one of yours and it dried very quickly.

Thank you!  These are a lifesaver for pet owners of dogs with incontinence issues.




Made from Babyville Waterproof Diaper Fabric and lined with cotton.