Happy Birthday Blake

Blake’s Mommy wanted to make him a shirt for his first birthday. She had purchased the pattern and fabric and was excited to start but needed help.

We planned a sewing day that started with a quick lesson on how to read and cut out a pattern. That led to cutting the fabric and working with the fabric repeat. It was a small shirt and a large print. We carefully considered trims, seams and overlaps as we placed the pattern; taking extra care with the pocket.

Mommy needed a refresher on using her sewing machine and after a few tension issues, broken needle, empty bobbin and broken threads she was sewing. She started with some scraps to get up her confidence, but was soon ready for the real thing.

We took our time, sewing slowing and carefully. Mommy only had to rip out one seam! Seven hours later we had a completed shirt that Mommy sewed almost all by herself. We finished the shirt with snaps thinking it would be easier than buttons and buttonholes; they turned out to be more challenging than expected.

We were all happy with the finished product and Daddy couldn’t believe that Mommy made this.